F20 Видео регистратор авто, 2 камеры, качество H2.64 Video

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F20 Видео регистратор авто, 2 камеры, качество H2.64 Video

F20, 2.7 inch TFT Screen Mini Dual Camera 1280x480 Night Vision Vehicle DVR , with H2.64 Video format, Support SOS / Motion Detection / HDMI and TV out / Micro SD/TF Card , Ultra-wide: 120 degree
Product description:

It is a dual-channel simultaneous video recording product dedicated for the evolving need of car-use video recording market.

It features superior digital HD audio / video recording and high quality photo taking capability, high speed USB 2.0 interface, and parallel battery charging and filming operation. Also, it is crafted with G-sensor and many other patented technologies which makes it have wide application potential not just limited to car applications


Dual channel simultaneous recording and displaying on screen

1) G-sensor when the gravity acceleration reaches 6g (1g=9.8m/sec), it will automatically keep the images before and after the impact interval as undeletable file to preserve the evidence

2) SOS emergency button acts as the same as G-sensor when pressed

Each recorded file folder is automatically linked and merged to keep the integrity of images without losing any instant

3) 2.7 inch 16:9 HD display without distortion, both of the cameras can have 180degree rotation

4) H.264 image compression technique

5) Day/ night filming mode switch: Press a button to switch the day/ night filming mode to solve the over exposure issue during night time . By night mode, the tag of front car can be filmed clearly without problems

6) 30fps smooth images with no delay or blur

7) Independent filming angle adjustment / rotation of the two cameras

8) IR LED for night vision

9) Cyclic recording mode with no memory run out issue

10) Motion detection

11) Automatic recording when the vehicle starts, charging while recording

12) HDMI and TV out supported

13) Remote control supported

Technical Specifications:

1) Image sensor: CMOS WXGA HD sensor

2) Video resolution: 1280x480

3) Language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean

4) LCD display: 2.7 inch 16:9 TFT

5) Memory: TF card up to 32GB

6) Focus range: 12cm

7) Photo format: JPEG

8) Video format: MOV

9) Audio: Built in microphone and speaker

10) USB: USB2.0

11) Battery: Built-in 3.7V / 600mAh lithium battery

12) Working temperature: 0-40°C

13) Size: 140.27 x 63.20 x 27.86mm

14) Weight: 129g

15) Accessories: USB Cable, TV cable, Remote controller, Car Charger, Mounting frame, manual, HDMI Cable
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual, Car Charger, AV Cable, Remote Controller, Car Holder, HDMI Cable

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