Фотоаппарат с телескопическим объективом, 10х увеличение

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Фотоаппарат с телескопическим объективом, 10х увеличение

5km High Resolution Far Shoot King Vision Photography / Telescope DVR / Camera with 2.4 inch Screen, 10X Digital Zoom, Support TF Card, TV Out, AVI Video Format

DVR with video / camera / playback. Possible through the "MODE" to switch to the mode you want.

1) Recording mode:

Press the Off button (icon 9) boot the machine in record mode, then press "OK" button (Figure 10) to begin recording. (Note: please insert the TF card) recording process blinking blue light. Video files are stored within the TF. Recording process by pressing "OK" button (Figure 10) to stop recording, then the blue light will stop flashing.

-Note: Connect car charger will automatically enter the camera.

2) Camera mode:

When turned on, press the "MODE" (icon 8) to switch to camera mode, press the "OK" button (Figure 10) to take pictures, take a photo every time. Note: The camera and video mode, the allocated "dial key" (Exhibit 3) for the digital zoom.

3) Play modes:

When turned on, press the "MODE" button (icon 8) to switch to playback mode. In playback mode, on the allocated "dial key" (Exhibit 3) browse for the file, click "OK" button to play and pause.

4) Delete function: In playback mode, press the dial key is (Exhibit 3) to enter delete interface, and then "OK" button (Figure 10) into the options to delete "single / all / selected" interface, allocated on the "dial key "(icon 3) Select the listed settings, press the" OK "button to delete. Also select "Thumbnails" and "volume" size, function press the "OK button" to confirm.

5) TV OUT function:

The unit is equipped with a video cable to the local TV OUT Interface (Exhibit 1) is connected to the TV, you can browse photo files on the TV and video files

** Projects Parameters:

1) Camera: 5 mega pixels

2) Zoom: 10X digital zoom

3) Video Format: AVI

4) Video Resolution: 320*240, 640*480, 720*480, 1280*720

5) Display: 2.4-inch high-definition screen

6) Battery: 5C Li-ion battery can be changed

7) Charge: DC-5V Car Charger

8) Interface Type: MINI 5pin USB

9) Storage Support: TF card, maximum 32G

10) 5km vision photography
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual, Travel Charger, 1pcs Li-Battery, Holder

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