5,0 мегапикселей Цифровая камера с MP5-плеером N800+ черный, GPS + AGPS, Android 4.0.4 версии Комплект из 2х Talkie Walkie радиостанций встроенных в часы 2х ядерный N9330 Белый, GPS + AGPS, Android 4.1.1 версии, 5.2-дюймовый емкостный сенсорный

Радиостанции 99 групп каналов, 136-174MHz, комплект из 2х штук, радиус действия 15 км

Артикул: product 1132
Радиостанции 99 групп каналов, 136-174MHz, комплект из 2х штук, радиус действия

Walkie Talkie, Support 99 groups memory channel, high sensitivity radio function, Flashlight function at night, (2 pcs in one packaging , the price is for 2 pcs)

1) 99 groups memory channel
2) High sensitivity radio function
3) Multifunction Scan
4) Simplex and semi-duplex Operating
5) PC program frequency, self-machine program
6) Flashlight function at night
7) Matching transfer

* Specification:
1) Frequency Rang: 136-174MHz
2) Operation Temperature Range: -20℃ to +50℃
3) Rated voltage: DC 7.2V
4) Operating mode: Simple or semi-duplex
5) Volume: 90*55*30mm (exclude antenna)
6) Weight: About 220g (include battery)
7) Antenna impedance: 50ohm

** Transmit part
1) Carrier wave margin: ±2.5ppm
2) Carrier wave output power: ≤5W
3) Modulation limiting: ≤5KHz
4) Audio distortion: ≤3%
5) Modulation feature: +3dB~-3dB
6) Adjacent channel power: ≥65dB
7) Stray RF heft: ≤7.5W
8) Occupied bandwidth: ≤16KHz

** Receiving part
1) REF Sensitivity: <0.2V
2) Audio Frequency Distortion: ≤3%
3) Audio Frequency Response: +2dB~-10dB
4) Same Channel Restrain: ≥-8dB
5) Adjacent channel Selectivity: ≥55dB
6) Intermodulation Interference Resistance: ≥55dB
7) Stray Response Interference Resistance: ≥55dB
8) Jam-up Feature: ≥85dB

Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: User Manual, Travel Charger, Antenna, Clip

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