A7HD 7,0 дюймовый тонкий IPS емкостный сенсорный экран (1024 х 600) Android 4,0 A910 Black, GPS + AGPS, версия Android 2.3, аналоговый ТВ A10T серебряный, 9,7 дюймовый IPS емкостный сенсорный экран Android 2.3 H2000 + белый, Android 4.0.4 версии, 4,0-дюймовый

Радиостанции на 16 каналов, 136-174MHz, комплект из 2х штук, FM радио

Артикул: product 1136
Радиостанции на 16 каналов, 136-174MHz, комплект из 2х штук, FM радио

Walkie Talkie, Support 16 channels, FM radio, Receiving alarm call, Battery Save, VOX, CTCSS, DCS function (2 pcs in one packaging , the price is for 2 pcs)

1)FM radio, Receiving alarm call
2)Compatible with Li-ion and Ni-MH battery
3)Battery Save, VOX, CTCSS, DCS
4)Reporting Number Command of English and Chinese function Humanism design

* Specifications:
1)Frequency range: 136-174 MHz
2)Rated Voltage: DC 7.4V(Li-ion battery)
3)Memory channel: 16channels
4)Antenna disposition: inductively loaded antenna
5)Antenna impedance: 50
6)Working manner: same frequency single operation or different frequency single operation
7)Ground method: negative pole
8)Volume: 100*55*28mm

** Launching Parts
1)Output power: ≤5W
2)Modulation mode: frequency modulation
3)Maximum frequency deviation: ≤±5KHz
4)Remanent radiation: <-60dB
5)Preemphasis character: per fold frequency patch 60dB
6)Emission current: ≤1000mA

** Receiving Parts
1)Sensitivity: <0.16V(12dB SINAD)
2)Intel modulation anti-interference: 50dB
3)Audio frequency power: ≥300mW
4)Receiving current: ≤100mA
5)Silent waiting: 20mA

Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: User Manual, Travel Charger, Antenna, Clip

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