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WS6902 Полнофункциональный тестер для настройки спутникового оборудования

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WS6902 Полнофункциональный тестер для настройки спутникового оборудования

SATLINK WS6902 3.5 Inch High definition TFT LCD Screen Digital Satellite Finder Meter & Spectrum Analyzer

For the first time in a economical digital meter, you are now able to view the actual channel on the screen of the meter. Now you can quickly and accurately align the satellite AND you can instantly check the stability of the channel right on the screen of the meter. Transponders, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity, and other settings can be modified by the user. There is never a need to send your meter in for a upgrade.(SATLINK WS6902)

Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.

Main Function:
1) 3.5 Inch High definition TFT LCD Screen which Can show live Channels
2) NEC Solution
3) Shows both S/N and C/N
4) Shows strength and quality readings(SATLINK WS6902)
5) Sound and Light Alarm When Lock Signal
6) Shows channel picture
7) Show numerical reading and bar reading
8) Digital Meter for Signal Strength(in numerical & #118alue and picture)
9) Easy Satellite Manager ( EDIT, delete and SCAN)
10) Edit TP, Frequency, LNB switch, Symbol Rate etc.
11) Completely programmable by the user
12) Input Frequency: 950-2150MHz
13) Input Level: -65~25dBm
14) Input Impedance: 75(ohm)
15) Auto Calculate Angle of AZ ,EL
16) Upgrade S/W by PC
17) Easy to carry, size only 9.5cm X 15.5cm X 4.5cm
18) DisEqC Control
19) 22KHz Control
20) Fast Charge LI-ION Battery(1950mAh), Can Last 4 Hours
21) Indicator Lights for 13/18 volts(SATLINK WS6902)
22) Indicator lights for 22 KHz
23) USB port for software upgrades
24) USB software upgrade cable included
25)Includes Neck Strap,Carrying Case,12V DC Power Charger

Technical Parameter:
1) LNB/Tuner input: Connector(F type,male), Frequency range(950MHz-2150MHz), Signal lever
(-65dBm-25dBm), LNB supply(13/18V,max400mA), LNB switch control(22KHz), DiSEqC(Ver 1.0)
2) Video decoder: MPEG 2 (Main Proflie@Main Level), Data Rate(up to 15M bits/s), Resolution(720*576,720*480), Video format(PAL/NTSC/SECAM)
3) MPEG Audio:Sampling rates32(44.1 and 48KHz)
4) Li-oN Battery: 1950 mA
5) Supply voltage: 12.6Volt
6) charger: 90-240V
7) Digital tuner input: F type, male
8) Size: 9.5x15.5x4.5 (cm)
9) Weight(Net): 0.5 Kg

Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: Carrying Pouch, Installation CD, User Manual, USB Charger, Travel Charger, Lanyard , 3.5mm Stereo to RCA cable

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