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Электронная сигарета с зарядкой от USB, "крепкие"

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Электронная сигарета с зарядкой от USB, "крепкие"

Electronic Cigarette with Black Case 3 pcs Cigarette 1pcs USB Charger General Flavor High Nicotine Content. 
The e-cigarette does not cause two-hand pollution or environmental pollution. There is no hidden danger for fire when using this e-cigarette. It is attached with a USB charger and 5pcs atomized cartridges.

Product Description
100% Brand New

Mouthfuls for each cartridge can keep:100 mouthfuls
Nicotine content of each cartridge equals to 7pcs traditional cigarette
Content of battery:180mAh
Normal working voltage:2.8-4.2V
Full battery can keep for:180 mouthfuls

Taste: General flavor

Nicotine content: high

Normal working voltage: 3.0~4.2V

Charge Time: about 2 hours

Life time of lithium battery: over 200 times

Package contents:

1 * Electronic cigarette

1 * Battery

1 * USB Charger

3 * Atomized Cartridges

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