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Электронная сигарета eGoT большой емкости

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Электронная сигарета eGoT большой емкости

Big Capacity Electronic Cigarette eGoT
1) Length: 128mm(for 650 mAh)
2) Diameter: 14mm
3) Huge battery enables over 900 puffs a day
4) Battery capacity: 650mAh(900/1100mAh optional)
5) Working Voltage: 3.3v-4.2v
6) Battery life: 350 times recycling use
7) It take about 5 hours to charge battery
8) Each cartridge can last: 250-300puffs
9) E-Liquid contained in each cartridge: 1.1 ml
10) Net weight: 37 g
11) Package size(gift box packing): 24 cmx10cmx4cm
12) Gift box: 300 g

USB Charger:
1) Input: DC5V
2) Output: DC4.2V=420mA

Electronic Cigarette Function:
1) Health: No tar or other carcinogenic substance and no danger of second-hand smoking.
2) Green: Physical changes in the process do not produce any new material.
3) Economical: Save the smoking cost 80% each year.
4) Safe: No ignition and no fire hazards.
5) Freedom: You can enjoy your smoking habit anywhere and anytime.
2 pcs battery (650/900/1100 mAh;Black/silver/blue;Private labeling is welcomed)

1) 2 pcs atomizer
2) 5 pcs EGO-T Cartridge
3) 1 pc USB Wall charger
4) 1 pc USB Charger
5) 1 pc English Manual
Type of Packing: Color Box

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