A7HD 7,0 дюймовый тонкий IPS емкостный сенсорный экран (1024 х 600) Android 4,0 A910 Black, GPS + AGPS, версия Android 2.3, аналоговый ТВ A10T серебряный, 9,7 дюймовый IPS емкостный сенсорный экран Android 2.3 H2000 + белый, Android 4.0.4 версии, 4,0-дюймовый

Система охраны на базе GSM модуля

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Система охраны на базе GSM модуля

Intelligent GSM Alarm Base System with Camera, Network: GSM900 / 1800MHz, 8 Channels Wireless Defense Area and 2 Channels Wired Defense Area
1) GSM / GPRS dual-band network are applicable all countries and regions in the world

2) Backup power ensures smooth transmission even if in case of power fail

3) The power of the host is equipped with remote monitoring function

4) Three phone numbers of receiving alarm message may be preset and five calling alarm numbers for auto dialing

5) The contents of defense area may be flexibly edited

6) The system adopts old-state memory circuit that it’s unnecessary for the user to reset the system in case of power-fail

7) The system is equipped with linkage relay output interfaces for the connection of lighting device and camcorder

8) Mute/alarm sound is available for external alarm horn

9) The system may monitor the on-site sound through remote control

10) The input mode of wired defense area

11) The system may arm/disarm the unit and set up the parameters of the host via message or phone call

12) 8 channels wireless defense area and 2 channels wired defense area

13) Link with the alarm center through GSM platform


1) Working voltage: AC 110V-250V, 50/60HZ, DC 9V-12V

2) Contact current of the linkage relay: 2.0A

3) Working current: standby status: <100mA; Alarm status: < 2.5A

4) Wireless defense area: 8; 2 channels wired defense area

5) Maximum power: 40W

6) Communication module: GSM / GPRS industrial module, 900MHz / 1800MHz

7) Emission power: CLASS 10 (2W) / EGSM 900, CLASS1 (1W) / GSM 1800

8) Remote controller transmission distance: 30m

9) Size: 177 x 117 x 26mm
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: power, User Manual, Remote Controller, Power Cable

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