2 в 1, видеорегистратор + авто видеокамера

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2 в 1, видео регистратор + авто видеокамера

Данный товар включает в себя как видеорегистратор для автомобиля, так и переносная авто видеокамера для домашнего использования.
2 in 1 Portable Full HD1080P 3.0 inch TFT Screen Car Black Box & Mini DV with Two-section Zooming (180 Degree Angle Lens / TV-Out/ SD) This subminiature high-definition digital video camcorder is aimed at the market demand, with many leading functions as high-definition digital video recorder, photograph, high-speed USB data transmission and, USB charging. Features
l) This camera has many features and functions including
2) Digital camera
3) High-pixel digital camera
4) 3.0-inch 4:3 high-resolution TFT LCD display
5) 4X digital zooming
6) Ant-shaking function
7) Face recognition
8) Continuous shooting function
9) 8MB SDRAM memory
10) The SD memory card slot supports the sd memory card with maximal capacity of 32GB
11) USB mobile hard disc
12) 8-multiple digital zooming(D1 mode 30fps video mode)
13) Function of exposure compensation
14) Inbuilt microphone and speaker
15) Computer camera function
16) High-capacity lithium ion battery

1) Image inductor
2) 1/2.5"CMOS 5 million pixel inductor
3) Effective pixel
4) 5 million pixels
5) Interpolated pixel
6) 12 million pixels
7) Memory medium
8) SD card ,SDHC card(high-speed card with cleass4 or above)
9) Photo sensibility
10) Automatic,100,200
11) Lens: Two-section zooming
12) Focusing scope: Normal:2m to infinite
13) Near shooting:35cm
14) Static image Format : JPEG(EXIF2.2),DCF.DPOF Image Resolution:2M,3M,5M,8M,12M Quality:Standard,high quality and common
15) Video file: Format:AVI
16) Resolution:1440X1080,1280X720,640X480 Quality: automatic
17) Zooming Photo:4 multiple digital zooming Camera:4 multiple digital zooming Static image replay:4 multiple digital zooming(maximal)
18) TFT display screen: 3.0 inch TFT 4:3(960*240 pixels) 3.0 inch TFT(960*240 pixels) for partial models
19) LED light: Scope:<0.5m Shoot: off,auto,on in force Camera:on/off
20) Hite balance: Automatic,sunlight,cloudy sky,tungsten filament light fluorescent light
21) Exposure compensation: -2.0EV to +2.0EV
22) Self-shooting timing: Off,on,10 seconds,2seconds Pc interface: Off,on,10seconds,2 seconds Pc interface: Usb2.0(high speed) AV output: NTSC/PAL System Shutter: Electronic shutter 1/16 to 1/10,000 second Auto off: On/off,1minute,3 minutes,5 minutes Power supply: Lithium ion battery, battery no.4 or 7.
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: авто видеокамера, USB Cable, User Manual, Car Charger, Car Holder,

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