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4 канальный цифровой видеорегистратор, H.264 DVR

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4 канальный цифровой видеорегистратор, H.264 DVR

4CH H.264 DVR Network HDD Digital Video Recorder , Supports VGA
The series DVR is designed specially for security and defence field which is an outstanding digital surveillance product. It introduces embedded LINUX operating system which is more stable. It introduces standard H.264mp video compressed format and G.711A audio compressed format which insures the high quality image, low error coding ratio and single frame playing. It introduces TCP/IP network technology which achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability.

The series DVR can be used individually or online applied as a part of a safety surveillance network.

With the professional network video surveillance software it achieves the strong network communication ability and telecommunication ability.

The series DVR can be applied in the bank, telecom, electric power system, judicial system, transportation, intelligent housing, factory, storehouse, water conservancy and so on.

1) Type :4 channel
2) System:
a) Main processor :High performance embedded microprocessor
b) Operation system: Embedded LINUX operation system
c) System resource : synchronous multichannel recording, synchronous multichannel
2) sub-code stream, synchronous multichannel playback, synchronous network operation
3) Interface
a) Operation interface 16 bit true color graphical menu interface, mouse operation supportive
b) display: 1/4/8/9/16 image

a) Video standard PAL 625line,50 f/s; NTSC 525 line,60 f/s
b) Surveillance image quality: PAL, D1(704x576);NTSC, D1(704x480)
c) Playback image quality: PAL,D1(704×576);NTSC, D1(704*480)
d) Video compression H.264 mp
e) Video control 6 options
f) Recording speed 100/120fps (D1) 200/240fps(CIF),50/60fps D1, 400/480fps CIF
g) Motion detect 396(22×18) detection areas, multiple sensitivity
4) Audio
a) Audio compression: G711A
b) Bidrectional Talk: Support
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: power, Installation CD, User Manual, Remote Controller, Mouse

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