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16000K Pixels Digital PC Camera

Артикул: product 150
16000K Pixels Digital PC Camera

Краткое описание: 16000K Pixels Driverless Digital PC Camera with Mic, Support A key camera function
Описание: 1) Frame rate:VGA,30 frame / second
2) White balance:Automatic
3) Exposure control:Automatic
4) Special effection
5) Face tracking
6) Snapshot
7) High clear
8) Driverless
9) Send video E-mails anywhere
10) Excellent still image capture
11) Still digital photography
12) Record the moving image
13) Video recording
14) Video chat
15) Video games
16) Surveillance
17) Security function
18) With the tillt swiveling base
19) Plug and Play
20) Support Windows NT/98/ME/2000/xp/vista, Windows 7.
* First plug the PC camera into the USB
Interface (Suggest using the mainboard interface),then you can find the PC camera which can install the process automatically,once finished installing, you can start this PC camera through the "scanner and camera"on "my computer"

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