8000K pixels PC camera

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8000K pixels PC camera

Краткое описание: 8000K pixels Driverless PC camera with 6 LED & Mic, Professional video-Chatting
Описание: 1) Professional video-Chatting.
2) Aprofessional and Collaborative Design
3) Supporting for multiple Purpose Commumcation by video.
4) The Word's first Driver free Plug&Play webcam easy user friendly webcam.
5) Sharing the documents across the gateway.
6) Electronic broad across the gateway.
7) Remote desktop control across the lnternet.
8) Plug and Play
9) Support Windows NT/98/ME/2000/xp/vista, Windows 7.
*Introduction of capability
1) The programme can adjust and control the degrees of saturation luminance and contrast radio of the color.Full speed interface of USB2.0
2) Hand or computer controlled mode of shooting
3) The highest dynamic refurbish ratio of video 50Hz or 60Hz Type of Packing: Blister Packing

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