A7HD 7,0 дюймовый тонкий IPS емкостный сенсорный экран (1024 х 600) Android 4,0 A910 Black, GPS + AGPS, версия Android 2.3, аналоговый ТВ A10T серебряный, 9,7 дюймовый IPS емкостный сенсорный экран Android 2.3 H2000 + белый, Android 4.0.4 версии, 4,0-дюймовый

Panda 5 х 20 монокль Размерами 30x30x85 мм

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Panda 5 х 20 монокль Размерами 30x30x85 мм

Panda 5 х 20 монокль Размерами 30x30x85 мм
1) 5 x 20mm monocular telescope 
2) Featured with inside viewfinder that has a reticule with markings for precision ranging 
3) Provides close up views for a good viewing range of 50 to 200 yard 
4) Perfect for a passionate golfers 
5) Fully-coated lenses reduce glare and increase brightness 
6) With long eye relief which much more comfortable for eyes 
7) Rubber armor for shock resistance and a firm, comfortable grip 
8) Mini body, great for travel 
9) This telescope has no focusing mechanism and is permanently in focus at all distances from a minimum focus point (7 yards or 6.4 meters) to infinity 
10) Can not use binoculars to see the sun directly, otherwise it will damage your eyes 
11) Size: 30x30x85mm 
12) Package Contents: 

- 1 x Monocular telescope 
- 1 x String 
- 1 x Cloth 
- 1 x Pouch

Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: Lanyard , Carry Cloth Bag, Dishcloth

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