A10T серебряный, 9,7 дюймовый IPS емкостный сенсорный экран Android 2.3  LT26 GPS + AGPS, Android 2.3.6 версии  F8 черный, 7,0-дюймовым сенсорным емкостным экраном Android 2.3 версия APad  i3 Черный, часы мобильный телефон с камерой, Bluetooth, FM, Сенсорный экран

Мини Портативный GPS Tracker, Диапазон GSM

Артикул: product 2807
Мини Портативный GPS Tracker, Диапазон GSM

Мини Портативный GPS Tracker, Диапазон GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 МГц
1) Demonstrates visualization kids, pets, car phone on a map.
2) Friendly designed, extremly perfect UI experience, forget the tedious SMS settings.
3) Smart Client Support GPS / WIFI / GSM in three ways, Venus type I support / base station positioning to ensure safety.
4) embedded Baidu, Google maps, covering most countries worldwide positioning, to ensure the safety of friends and relatives abroad.
5) Powerful: With real-time positioning, real-time tracking, position location and other industry-leading offline functionality.
6) 4 band support worldwide user.
7) Low power consumption
8) Fast capture signal
9) Supports single positioning and continuous tracking
10) Support remote pickup
11) APP application for smartphone location information inquiry
12) can be tracked without disturbing those circumstances pickup, real-time tracking
13) Product size: 3.1cm(L) x 2.7cm(W) x 1.5cm(H)
Type of Packing: Small Plastic Box

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