Видео регистратор для авто

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Видео регистратор для авто

Краткое описание: 2,5-дюймовый HD 720P автомобиля DVR с 5 светодиодами, поддержка SD Card, H2.64 видео формат, циклическая запись и функция обнаружения движения

 Описание: 1) HD 720P Portable DVR 
2) 2.5 inch TFT LCD Screen 
3) Image sensor: 1/4 color CMOS WXGA HD sensor 
4) Recording resolution: (2, 10, 15) minutes 
5) WVGA: 1280x720 Pixels, (10, 20, 30fps) 
6) VGA: 640x480 Pixels, (10, 20, 30fps) 
7) Video resolution: 1280x720, 640x480 
8) Video format: H2.64 
9) Support SD/MMC Cards, Max 64GB 
10) Support Real Time & Date display on video 
11) Recording Automatically After the power Up 
12) High speed recording and quick light respond 
13) Repeat storage by section 
14) Cycled recording 
15) Power input: DC 5V 
16) Power supplied by Car Charger 
17) Microphone: Include 
18) Language: English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese 
19) Product size: 94.23x53.95x38.08mm 
20) Weight: 102g
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual, Car Charger, AV Cable, Car Holder

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