Универсальное зарядное устройство

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Универсальное зарядное устройство

Универсальное зарядное устройство. 3 in 1 EU Plug USB Sync Wall Car Charger Travel Kit for Cell Phone/ iPod/ PSP
1) USB multi-charging cable.
2) Allows you to recharge most portable gaming and music devices as well as most mobile phones.
3) Allows you to download movies, music and other files from your computer to devices such as iPod, digital camera etc.
4) Compatible with iPod, PSP and most Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG cell phones.
5) You can charge home or in car.
6) Szie: 21.5cm x 15cm x 4 cm
7) Weight: 135g Type of Packing: Blister Packing

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