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Артикул: product 64

Краткое описание: Portable Folding Hand-Held Security Metal Detector Scanner + Bag
Описание: 1) Folding hand-held metal detector is portable, mainly for security. It is common use in important places like customs, airport and court. It can generate either an alarm or vibration mode
2) The application of the detector at the airport, railway stations, docks, prisons, customs, public security, border security departments, such as security checks, medicine, food, quality business systems; as well as the detection of precious metals (such as gold and silver jewelry factory), as well as important places such as Sports security checks
3) Detection sensitivity:A25 cent coin 65mm:120mm(the distance of Iron pipe to detect )
4) Operation temperature:-10 Cto 50 C
5) Current: less than 5mA
6) Power supply:9V 6F22 fold battery (not included)
7) Approx size:395mm(operation) 258mm(storage)
8) Probe diameter size:134mm(approx)
Colors Available: Black
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: Carry Cloth Bag

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