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1/3 CMOS Color 380TVL 30 LED Mini Waterproof Camera
* Main Features
-Low power consumption, low cost
-Use in TV meeting, picture phone, visible doorbell, PC multimedia playing, medical treatment instrument, etc.
-Output pattern: CCIR/ELA (PAL/NTSC)standard visual frequency signal
-Camera lens focus and visual angle: 6mm, 93°
-Differentitating rate: 380TV line
-Supply voltage/power consumption: 9V 100mA
* Specification
-Camera shot: 1/3 picture sensors
-Effective element:
PAL: 628x582
-Picture area:
Pal: 5.78x4.19
NTSC: 4.69x3.45
-Definition: ≥ 300lines
-Scanning frequency: PAL/CCIR:50HZ NTSC/EIA:60HZ
-Minimum illumination: 0LUX
-Scan frequency: +18Db-AGC ON-OFF
-Signal Noise Ratio: ≥ 40dB
-Electronic Shutter Time: 1/60 ~ 1/15000 second
-Noise: <0.03% peak value
-Power supply: DC +6V ~ 9V
-Power consumption: ≤ 640mW
-Size: 60x68x51mm
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: User Manual

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