DY-300S, Преобразователь напряжений c 12V на 220V (300Вт)

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DY-300S, Преобразователь напряжений c 12V на 220V (300Вт)

300W / 50Hz Sine Wave inverter (DC 12V Input, AC 220V Output), Model: DY-300S
Technical parameters:

DC Characteristics

1) Input voltage: DC 12V

2) Voltage Range: DC 10V +-0.5V ~ 15V +-0.5V

3) Power voltage: DC11V ~ DC 13V

4) over-voltage shutdown: DC15V +-0.5V

5) low voltage alarm: DC11V +-0.5V

6) The undervoltage shutdown: DC10V +-0.5V

7) Static Current: DC12V / hour, <0.8A

8) Rated current: 30A

9) USB output: 5V, 0.5A

AC Characteristics

1) Output Voltage: AC 220V + -5%

2) Rated current: 14A

3) Output frequency: 50Hz +-0.5Hz

4) Rated power: 300VA

5) Maximum power: 360VA

6) Output waveform: pure sine wave

7) Wave distortion: <5% (linear load)

8) Conversion efficiency:> 85%

Use of the environment

1) Temperature: -5 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius

2) Humidity :0-80% without condensation

3) Altitude: <1000m


1) Product Size: 153mm x 89mm x 47mm

2) Shell material: Aluminum

3) Color: Silver

4) Weight: 565g


1) DC input cable: 2pc

2) Cigarette lighter cable: 1pc

3) Product Manual: 1pc

4) Hex Wrench: 1pc
Type of Packing: Blister Packing
Package Includes: User Manual

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