5,0 мегапикселей Цифровая камера с MP5-плеером N800+ черный, GPS + AGPS, Android 4.0.4 версии Комплект из 2х Talkie Walkie радиостанций встроенных в часы 2х ядерный N9330 Белый, GPS + AGPS, Android 4.1.1 версии, 5.2-дюймовый емкостный сенсорный

Портативная игровая консоль, память 2 Гб

Артикул: product 821
Портативная игровая консоль, память 2 Гб

Black Gameboy Advance SP Portable Game Console , Imitate original binding, Built in 2GB memory, 6000 Free Games
1) A new generation of high-definition screen, colorful, clear images,

2) Dustproof and waterproof, feel fine, durable

3) Built-in "direct deposit" technology

4) Built-in "clock" system to support seamless game clock

5) Built-in "instant archiving" system limits exceeded the original system can be stored in a dynamic game progress at any time

6) Built-in "soft reset out of the game" the system can not only facilitate the rapid replacement of the game, and to maximize the protection of the host

7) Built-in multi-language version of "interactive graphics" boot menu, friendly easy and intuitive

8) Built-in "2GB" large capacity FLASH, built-in games, classic games can be a clean sweep
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: User Manual, Travel Charger

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