High Performance 14-Band Rader / Laser Detector

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High Performance 14-Band Rader / Laser Detector

High Performance 14-Band Rader / Laser Detector, Built-in Loud Speaker, Support GPS Navigator, Power on with Russian Speech of Welcome

1) Ultra-slim, elegant, all in one radar detector

2) Available for independent installation and use

3) Easy mounted interlock

4) Patented design product

5) Compatible with any navigator clip

6) Compatible with any navigator

7) Compatible with most solution

8) Frequency:

**X-BAND: 10.525GHz±100MHz, detectable distance: 1500-2500m

**K-BAND: 24.150GHz±175MHz, detectable distance: 1200-2500m

**Tripod K-BAND: 24.150GHz±175MHz, detectable distance: 250-1200m

** KU-BAND: 13.450GHz±125MHz, detectable distance: 450-1500m

**KA-BAND: 34.700GHz±1300MHz, detectable distance: 800-1500m

**Tripod KA-BAND: 33.400GHz±1300MHz, detectable distance: 200600m

**Laser beam: 904±33KMHz

**VG-2: 11.150GHz±410MHz

**Wireless duplex transmission frequency: 2.4GHz±410MHz

9) Power: DC 12V

10) Voltage: 150-250mA

11) Language: Russian


1) Xtreme Range Super heterodyne technology, with super-fast sweep circuitry, provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest radar guns

2) Detects Ku Band radar gun currently being used in Europe.

3) Detects the latest pop mode radar gun (super-fast instant on mode)

4) Relative speed sensing auto mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts.

5) Relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature will render your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors

6) Provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector-detectors

7) Electronically remembers radar detector setting for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed
Type of Packing: Blister Packing
Package Includes: User Manual, Car Holder, Power Cable

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