SY809MF11, видео домофон с 7-дюймовым монитором Вертолет с 0.3 Мпикс камерой Видеорегистратор H6000 с круговым обзором из 3х камер ZOPO ZP950 серый, GPS + AGPS, Android 4.1.2 версия, 2х ядерный

мини видеокамера

Артикул: product 186
мини видеокамера

Краткое описание: 720*480 Пикселей, Mini USB Цифровая Скрытая Видеокамера с поддержкой аудиозаписи
Описание: Feature:
Ultrasmall size of alloy airframe integration design a variety of occasions to facilitate easy recording/monitoring

Recorded the impact of voice-activated trigger function to facilitate the deployment of video, a longer time, you want the recorded images

With PC camera function, the network relax to enjoy life
AVI format video recording, broadcast convenience PC, easily ipload video sites illumination, 2 million high-definition camera
High-speed dynamic video, instant response to light enviroment video output: 720x480px30m frame/second
built-in lithium batery for 2 hours continous use, voice-activated video can use more time
max support expansion cards 8G
Mini USB charging data cable to connect computer and video upload download transfer function
full to the folder with the use of small gimballed to the whole point of recording/monitoring functions
easy installation
packing size:11x5.2x13cm
Package content:
data cablex1
camera casex1
hang ropex1
small bracketx1

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