Электронные часы

Артикул: product 66
Электронные часы

Краткое описание: Multi-functional Media Sets Remote Control Watch SL-083

 Описание: 1)19 keys, easy operation 
2)Time and data mode. Display hour, minute, second, year, day, month, and week. 
3)Auto-week adjustment 
4) Auto-calendar (2000-2049) 
5) 12/24 hour display format 
6) Daily alarm and hourly time signal 
7) 1/100 second stopwatch with SPLIT 
8) Can remote control TV, VCR, DVD, VCD, SAT(See attached list) 
9) 8 digit calculate(SL-2008/SL-083) 
10) LED back light 
11)It just needs a CR2032 Li-battery to supply the power. 
Colors Available: Black 
Type of Packing: Plastic Box

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